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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Brogue Kicks

When I saw that the Brogue Kicks where a  "Post-Grunge" band I involuntarily winced. I was ready for yarling and slow crappy riffs. Instead I was impressed by a loud and brutal rock and roll explosion. The guitar work is straight from the garage with dirty rock and roll riffs dominating the music. The solos are cool too and very flavorful. The bass playing is excellent and I especially like the  steady riffing on the slower breakdowns. It adds a lot of flavor to a music that would be otherwise empty. The drumming is really cool and features  a lot of pounding beats which are very rock and roll.   The drums are also one of the bases of the brutality of this band. It's interesting to hear how the sound is almost built from the drums up. The vocals far from the yarls of their peers are infect half growled half shouted explosions of energy. They show the true power of this band, they show all of the emotion that these guys are trying to communicate. In conclusion, The Brogue Kicks are a cool rock band you need to check out!

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