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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Serial Hawk

Serial Hawk is a blackened stoner band recommended to me by my friend Peter Tomis of Bloodmoon. I must say that I am very grateful for his good taste. This band is a solid slab of metal that you won't soon forget. Their sound is brutal and undeniably powerful. They won't leave your eardrums the same. The guitar work is heavy and straightforward. The chords are somehow unsettling and the use of tritones is awesome. They have a slightly off feel to them that makes them so much more intimidating. The bass work is extremey heavy and dominates songs like Silence Means Nothing with it's huge bridge riff. The drum work is slow and doomiriffic. It has a power and sluggish quality to it that fills you with dread. I am particularly impressed by the quasi-drum solos in the bands long atmospheric instrumental breaks. The vocals are screamed, not growled. The passion that the vocalist pours into his singing is impressive and it brings the music to a new level. Serial Hawk shows a man fully immersed in his music singing his guts out. In conclusion, Serial Hawk is a unique stoner metal band you won't soon forget, so check them out!

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