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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mojo Waves

Mojo Waves is a rather unique rock band with a rather bizarre sound. The production is crisp and clear though and these guys are a pleasure to listen too. The guitar is very high energy and makes sure that the music stays quick and fun. The riffs are simple but tasty, they really get a "Party all night" vibe across. The bass work is rather simple but it nicely compliments the guitar while filling out the bands bottom end. Overall the bassists playing is fun and crazy and it's cool to hear his groove. The drum work is very simple and similar to that of the White Stripes. While there are nocrazy fills they defniitely have a solid sound and get the message across. The vocals are high pitched and shrieking and just filled with that rock and roll energy. Lyrically this band has a rather strange and often psychedelic vein that really fit with the music. In conclusion, the Mojo Waves are like a crazier version of the White Stripes. It takes it to the nth degree and it is awesome!

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