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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hard Pipe Hitters

Hard Pipe Hitters is a hard drinking hard living hardcore punk band from Las Vegas. They have a very simple sound that is also very brutal. Their music is very interesting to listen too to say the least. The guitar work is simple and the riffs are hectic and fast. Even though the riffs aren't the most technical they are somehow very satisfying. Then we have the bass work which is interesting because the bassist tends to explore a bit outside of his traditional role. It's interesting to here him going off on tangents every once in a while. The drum work is crashing and fast and rather interesting in it's own right. It's fascinating to hear the drummers speedy fills filled with punk aggression. Finally we have the vocals. They are half growled half screamed and truly communicate the true punk message of the band. I find the lyrics to be especially well done with couplets like "Nice to meet you I'm a Wife Beater". Pretty heavy stuff to say the least. In conclusion, Hard Pipe Hitters is a crazy hardcore punk band whom you really need to check out!

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