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Friday, July 6, 2012


Stormborn is a brilliant old school heavy metal band in the vein of Iron Maiden or Helloween. They have the NWOBHMy feel of guys like Priest and Raven but there is a definite power metal influence in the solos. The guitar work is fast and furious with crazy solos galore. I really adore the ridiculous amount of melody in this band. The bass work is incredibly heavy as well and I particularly like it's dominating role in the last riff of their killer track Survive. The drums are rather typical of a power metally NWOBHM type band. The fills are still tasty though and definitely worth checking out. Finally we have the vocals, the singer has an amazingly powerful voice that will not fail to impress. He can lead you through a blazing verse and an anthemic chorus. He is like a young Bruce Dickinson, a leader for a new generation of metal. In conclusion, Stormborn is born to rule metal and they will never die. I mean, the guitarist has a Waynestock shirt. HOW CAN THIS BAND NOT SUCCEED? So check them out!

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