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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Soor is a very cool prog band from Laayoune (Oo my first review of an African band!). Their sound is varied and profoundly influenced by their environment. The guitar is rather standard of most prog but there is an African feel that makes the sound rather unique. It's cool to hear how the local music can have such a big influence on the band. The bass work is solid and really dominates during the rhythm breakdowns. They add a lot of flavor to them music but I feel like the bassist should have more cool fills. The drum work is downright brilliant and at once aggressive and mellow. It even showcases some really cool West African beats. The vocals, are typically in Arabic (at least I THINK it's Arabic) They are really cool and extremely unique. They are so fascinating that it's a let down when they decide to start singing in English. The singing is very pleasing to the ear and they really add a great layer to the music. I heartily recommend this band keep up their West African vibe and maybe even take it even further and sing only in Arabic and use more West African scales. In conclusion, Soor is a very unique and very cool band. They must become signed, they are to awesome not too!

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