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Saturday, July 21, 2012

XII Boar

XII Boar is a heavy and brutal stoner metal band. (I know I've reviewed a lot of this type of stuff lately.) I actually found out about them through MetalSucks and have dug them ever since. The guitar playing is at once typical of the genre, but it has something more. It has a classic rock vibe that you can not easily forget. The riffs might be slightly less huge than in most other stoner bands but here we see more of an energetic attack. The bass work shows a great example of that with its heavy riffing in Hellspeed Viper. Here we see the bassist at his rifftastic best. He provides a lot of energy to some really cool music. The drumming is fantastic and it has all of the stoner metal glory of legendary guys like Bill Ward from Sabbath. They prove once more that stoner metal drums are the greatest drums. The vocals have the spicy edge to them that makes them at once stoner but also gritty classic rock. In some way they remind me of a heavier version of the vocals from Gypsyhawk. Lyrically this band is very fun and they have cool songs about partying and going out on the town. In conclusion, XII Boar is an awesome band and you NEED to check them out.

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  1. yes awesome band!

    here's an interview with their drummer :