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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A World Without
A World Without is a nifty metalcore band that incorporates some deathcore and even black metal influences. This leads to a pretty unique overall sound that steps outside of the usual posercore boredom that I have to put up with. The guitar work is heavy and brutal. It has a true deathcore feel to it on the breakdowns. However the majority of the songs tend to feel a bit more metalcore. This is really one of those bands that walks the line between the two genres. The bass playing is very solid and has some really great riffs. In particular the bass riff on A Thief Amongst Friends is awesome. It really rocks the bands true style. Next we have the drums, with a solid metalcore feel to them they stamp out the beat for this groups tribal tunes. I really like the playing on the breakdowns as it gets the crashing feel just right. Finally the growls are brutal and seem to combine the best of metalcore with a touch of black metal. This makes the band a bit out there and harder to grasp for most listeners. I actually really like this, I think it adds a really cool element to the band. In conclusion A World Without is an awesome -core band and any fans of the genre should check them out!

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