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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Imminence is a nifty Swedish metalcore band with a sound that is hard to forget. With all of the traditional metalcore maxims mixed in with a taste of swedish death metal these guys are really cool. The guitar work on this record is heavy and filled with a lot of juicy riffs that remind me at once of classic bands as well as more modern acts. Overall it fits very well into the genre while making its own sound, this helps give this band its own little niche in a crowded metalcore community. The bass playing is very solid and has an almost rolling quality to it that makes the music seem a lot more powerful and swirling. I really like the solid playing on the breakdowns too, it helps the band achieve true brutality. The drumming is rather solid and does some interesting things with the closed high hat. In particular I find the song the Deceiver to have some cool drum stuff going on. Finally the growls are very powerful and have all of the punk energy that makes metalcore great. Stylistically they remind me of August Burns Red but are definitely a tad heavier. In conclusion, Imminence is a really great up and coming metalcore band and I hope to mosh to them in the future!

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