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Monday, August 27, 2012

Abdomen Canvas

Abdomen Canvas
Abdomen Canvas is a brutal melodeath band from Orlando who are not afraid to hearken back to their roots and play songs in the vein of Death or Carcass. They have a very destructive sound that sounds as if it is on the brink of chaos. The guitar parts are fast and heavy, they have a certain swirling quality to them that makes me want to whirlwind headbang. The solos are highly technical and very tasty, they add a cool tech death feel to some of the tracks. The bass work is really heavy and has an extremely powerful attack that shines on songs like Ambitious Abomination. He adds a cool thrash metal feel and makes everything feel very extreme. The drumming is hectic and goes at a crazy speed. This guy has the skill to play any genre and his fills are all super fast. This helps add to the thrash feel and even sometimes has a Gene Hoglan flavor to it. The growls are brutal and filled with that classic Florida anger. They have the sheer destructive force of Carcass. There is some sort of greater darkness here motivating the music to new heights. In conclusion, Abdomen Canvas is an incredibly heavy band that combines elements of all sorts of classic death metal groups as well as some more modern ones for a powerful and dominating sound!

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  1. Show me your wee weeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
    AC best metal band on the planet. More talent in the drums/guitar than anywhere else