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Saturday, August 4, 2012


Addonexus is a nifty death metal band from sun burnt San Jose. Their record is poorly produced and very brutal, in other words TOTALLY METAL. In many ways these boys remind of the Mantas days of Chuck Schuldiner. They have an old school vibe to them that really fits the crappy production. I can't help but love them. The guitar playing is very brutal  and has the satanic magic that really fit the whole style. I really like the Death style riffs on the song Damnation. Then we have the bass work which is extremely heavy and really shines on songs like Altering Reality which show the true magic of death metal. The drumming is hectic and really pushes the envelope. The drummer seems to have so much raw anger built up in him that its hard to guess what he'll do next. In other words, his playing is very tasty. Finally we have the vocals, half screamed half growled this bands singer is a death metal legend in training. He has a voice full of evil and it really communicates the satanic message. In conclusion, Addonexus is a AMAZING death metal band with a killer sound you will not soon forget.

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  1. Yeah the guys in this band told me they got reviewed, and a nice one at that, good to see them get noticed, i go to a couple of thier shows, everyone is pretty good, songs just get better and better.