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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Too Proud to Beg-Gianmarc

Gianmarc is a musician who I met on SevenString Forums through some math/physics silliness. Suffice to say, going into this review I anticipated an intensely mathematical album with lots of djent magic. Instead I was shocked, and pleased to find a fun rock and roll record with a more technical side. On this record Gianmarc has created something rather special. He finds an interesting balance between the modern hyper technical playing that has come to dominate the scene with a fun garage punk sound. The guitar work is solid and the majority of the riffs are rather punchy and fun. Meanwhile the solos are intense and filled with lots of tasty licks. Gianmarc has a skill for composition with epic songs like I'm A Mess which show his true talent. The bass playing is very good and adds a lot of bounciness to the tracks. It makes the playing a lot more toe taptastic and gets in some good flavors in songs like Daylight Fades. The drumming is pretty spectacular and some of the licks are really well done. I really like the heavier drum playing but I feel that occasionally it could be a bit better mixed. Then we have the vocals. The singing is very raw but also pleasant. Gianmarc definitely knows how to sing and some of his most anthemic parts really blow my mind. In conclusion Too Proud to Beg is a killer record that you won't soon forget. With an approach of garage rock with a technical side this album is a truly interesting listen. You must check it out!

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