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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Red Soil

Litany portrait
Red Soil is a fun alt rock band with a heavy garage rock element to the. They have a high powered and enthusiastic sound that is really fun to listen too. They have a true rock and roll energy that is really a joy to hear executed. The guitar playing is really tasty and the solos scream classic rock. I really like their sheer aggression and fun loving attitude. This guitarist is just a pleasure to listen too. the bass work is rather tasty too, I really like the crazy bass fills that permeate the most punk rock of the riffs. They add a lot of flavor the songs. The drum work is filled with traditional rock fills but with a crazy edge. In other words, true garage rock drumming. This band is tight, yet manages to sound barely together at the same time. It's a pretty interesting combination. The singing is high and powerful with a distinct garage taste. Half shouted half sung the singer is a young Pete Townsend  driving his generation to a future of rebellion. In conclusion, Red Soil is a pretty cool garage rock band tha you should really check out!

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