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Friday, August 31, 2012

Altar of Pain

Altar of Pain
Altar of Pain is a brutal death metal band in the vein of classic acts like Cannibal Corpse, they have a powerful and aggressive attack that will not let up. The constant threat of the drums means that you can never let your guard down, this band will not leave you alone. The guitar playing is also vicious, the riffs are heavy and have a thrash metal brutality mixed with a tech death level of tightness. The riffs are perfectly executed and allow for no variation. Meanwhile, the solos are excellent and have a lot of cool squealing bits. the bass is solid and really shines on the heavier rhythm parts of songs like Into the Abyss where it really rock the old school death brutality. As i said before, the drums on this record are simply stellar, I love their raw aggression and viciousness. I would like to point out that they can sound a bit weird in the mix, but overall they have a ton of cool fills and really make this act shine. Finally, the growls are very deep and have a very evil quality to them that is hard to put in words. I find their sheer power very intimidating in a way. In conclusion, Altar of Pain is a sick brutal old school death band with all of the evil that it takes to truly rock the metal world.

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