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Friday, August 31, 2012


Exercium is a heavy thrash metal band with all of the stylings of Slayer in the early 80s, or even a young Sepultura. The rhythms are punchy and feature all of the might that makes bands like Slayer so good. In particular the riff on Act of War strikes me as very groovy and able to push the limits of what the band can do. The solos are pretty cool too and have a wild barely produced quality to them that makes them rather awesome. Speaking of solos, the bass solo on Destruction of Society, while unorthodox, actually works very well. I really like how they fit that into the song to add a unique flavor. Overall the bass work is rather heavy and pretty darn tasty. It has a high place in the mix and it really helps to make this band a lot more brutal. The drumming is rather solid on this record and features a lot of classic thrash metal fills. The overall style is very much in the vein of older thrash, yet it seems tighter somehow, it loses some of the craziness found in the progenitors of the genre. The singing is rather reminiscent of Araya's but it has an exotic quality to it that shows the Portuguese side of the band. I find this to be rather awesome actually, it helps make the group unique. In conclusion, Exercium is a cool thrash metal band with a Portuguese side which makes them awesome so go check 'em out!

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