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Friday, August 31, 2012

Chaos-Indian Thrash Metal

Even though I should be reviewing other things I decided to review Chaos because I think the Indian scene is pretty awesome. This is a bad that has all of the power and destruction of Slayer mixed with the technicality and atmosphere of Testament. This is a band that will melt your face off with its sheer metallness. This is a band that can take Indian metal to the mainstream. This band has the might to take the world by storm. The guitar parts are fast and technical, they have a speedy and evil magic to them that fills my heart with a dark energy. The solos are really cool and have a lot of awesome licks that will keep your head banging. The bass work is pretty nifty and the fill before the solo in the song Game just blew my mind. This is a bassist who can play as fast as Araya and have no difficulty in executing speedy and awesome riffs. The drumming is very accurate and there are some really nice fills that show off his skill. In particular the drum intro of Cyanide Salvation really gives the song force before it gets up and melts your face. The singing is powerful and has a certain evil to it that really shows the thrash metal magic of the band. He really can get the raw aggression of the genre across and really help bring the energy level of the songs up. Overall, Chaos is a destructive Indian thrash metal force that can bring the metal world to its knees and force them to accept the magic that is Indian Metal. Go check them out!

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