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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Zombie Fighter

 Litany portrait

Zombie Fighter is a fast and brutal thrash metal band from New Hampshire. With a highly aggressive sound filled with a lot of old school death metal energy these guys are great fun too listen too. It's hard to find bands these days that have raw power as well as good production, but Zombie Fighter has it. With a sound that reeks of evil these guys are pretty unforgettable. The guitar playing is rapid and the solos find a great interesection between madness and melody. I really like his playing, it has all the power for a great band along with the technicality to make things seem polished. The bass playing is very heavy, in particular the crazy riffing on Beloth shows how fast this guy can play when pressed. The thudding power is a really great addition to the band. Then we have the drums, with a lot of speed and a lot of great fills this guys sure knows what he's doing. His playing is incredibly rapid at times, and very laid back at others. He finds a good balance, but manages to keep things aggressive. The growls are evil sounding and actually remind me a lot of Chuck Schuldiner's later work. They have a certain black majesty to them that makes sure that I keep listening. All in all, Zombie Fighter's new EP Run For Your Life is an example of modern thrash at its finest. So be sure to check them out!

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