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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Brennkelt is a very heavy and very kvlt French black folk metal band. In many ways the remind me of Aggaloch, this is a band that combines the powerful attacks of black metal with a folkier side. This creates a pretty impressive overall sound and allows for lots of headbanging glory. The guitar work is rather simple but always very fast. It has the huge droning quality that makes black metal so good. I do wish that the guitar had more folky melodies but as is it is a very solid performance. In particular the riff on Gaulois is very strong. The bass work is very rapid and really shines on the fastest parts of L'hymne au Guerriers. It has a powerful brutality to it that makes it glorious. The drum work is overall pretty simple and has a lot of the crashing cymbals that make old school black metal what it is. Overall the drums add a major old school black metal feel in their overall simplicity and implimentation. Finally we have the vocals, with a powerful growl, the singer of this band is a true metal god. His voice is filled with an evil power that makes this band seem more massive than they really are. In conclusion Brennkelt is an awesome black metal band who I can not wait to see on sunday!

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