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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wall of the Eyeless

Wall of the Eyeless is a really fascinating old school death/doom band with bizarre song structures, trippy rhythms and kind of amazing lyrics. This is a band that hearkens back to an older time, a time when gods like Chuck the Mighty walked the earth. There is a older evil at play on this record, a dark might that reminds me of my heroes. The guitar work is brutal and fast. The attack is often very heavy and very dominating. Yet this is contrasted by a nicer more easy to digest acoustic side. It creates a fascinating balance between the two sides of the music. The bass playing on this album is fairly solid and very tasty. In particular the heavy bass part on The Hands is very tasty. Meanwhile the drumming can be almost explosive at times and very docile at others. This helps with the balance that the guitar achieves between acoustic and brutal. The keyboard work here is often very symphonic and adds a lot of flavor I just wish we go to see it used more often. Finally we have the vocals, with a brutal growl that is truly filled with hate this band charges to the forefront. They have all the great elements of a classic death metal band and more. With a sound that would take ages to fully comprehend this album is a must-listen. So go check out Wall of the Eyeless!

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