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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Cypecore is a very impressive industrial death metal band whose site has the single most impressive intro that I have ever seen. They have their image down and they are not afraid to show it off. This is a highly professional band with a big future. The music is heavy and has a really nice groove to it. The guitar playing is very brutal but it features some really nice rhythms and riffs. In some ways the pure listenable quality of the music reminds me of Lamb of God. However, Cypecore is much heavier than LoG, instead they have a deathcore power to their riffs. The sheer might makes me want to headbang, they have an unholy might to them that shows just how good they are. The bass playing on this record is very heavy and I really like the ferocity that is to be had in a lot of his music. The layer of power that he adds is simply unforgettable. His playing is really what makes this band as epic as it is. The drum work is fast and furious, but also rather technical. Some of the fills are very impressive, it's cool to hear someone execute so well, but I guess that's Cyberthrash for you. Finally we have the growls, with a dark might to them that remind me of classic Swedish Death Metal bands this guy has a lot of the headbanging might that other singers strive for. In conclusion, Cypecore is a brilliant young band with a huge future ahead of them. Go check them out!

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