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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Maleducazione Alcolica

Maleducazione Alcolica is a really cool Ska band with a punk rock side that adds a lot of cool flavors to the music. Even though they currently don't have a lot of stuff out they show a lot of potential, their music is interesting and multilayered. This is a band that is fun to listen too and has all of the swinging magic of the ska greats. They have a sound that is filled with a raw jamming energy yet it is very well put together. The compositions are really nice. The guitar parts feature some pretty simple but cool riffs that really compliment the music. The more ska instruments (the sax, the trombone etc...) are really well arranged and fit nicely into the songs. I really like all of the raw flavor that they manage to add. The keys are also rather well done and add a nice bouncy feel to a lot of the riffs. They fit in very nicely with the music. The bass work is pretty solid and features some nice jazzy walking lines that also add quite a bit of flavor. They really shine during the verse parts, it adds a nice subtle layer. The drumming is solid and directs the huge, almost symphonic arrangement of the horns. I really like the way he keeps the music driving forward. Finally the vocals are powerful and have a strong quality to them that adds something of a punk feel actually. They are very energetic and help communicate the rawness of some sides of this band. In conclusion Maleducazione Alcolica is an awesome ska band that will be a very interesting listen for any music lover!

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