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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Elmo Karjalainen

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Elmo Karjalainen is a killer prog guitarist from Finland. His playing is at once Petruccie-esque but also its own thing. He has a masterful control over his instrument and his playing is truly something to hear. He is a true virtuoso and will blow your mind to shreds. Needless to say the guitar playing on his work is simply stellar. Its a joy to listen too and very technical. The bass work is pretty heavy and the rhythms remind me quite a bit of those found in some heavier Dream Theater tracks. However it should be noted that the solos take a bit more of a fusion aspect. The drum work is pretty excellent too with some fun rhythms that keep the music going. While I would like to hear some more varied drum parts there is definitely some good stuff to be had here. Some of the older stuff that he plats shows better drum work and is very interesting to listen too. In conclusion, the instrumental guitar wizardry of Elmo Karjalainen is inspiring and his playing is something that you will not soon forget!

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