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Sunday, August 5, 2012

We Came Apocalyptic

We Came Apocalyptic is a brutal New York Hardcore band with a vocal heavy mix and a sound that screams American Hardcore. This record is heavy, dark and violent. All in all a classic piece of hardcore. The guitar playing is simply wonderful. With extremely fast rhythms which are almost black metal at times is really cool. It makes this band go a bit beyond your average New York Hardcore group. The bass playing is also really rapid and the storming 16ths really dominate the rhythm sound. On the breakdowns they can really shine and blow you away with their sheer brutality. Meanwhile the drumming is pretty typical of the genre. With a battered double bass drum the fastest bits are incredible. They have a speed and blackness to them that boggles the mind. Yet there are definitely some more creative and varied fills to be found too. This adds a bit of flavor and helps keep the music interesting. Finally we have the singing. The growls are almost shouted. They sound very violent. They have a hungry edge to them that puts them above a lot of other modern growls. In some ways they remind of the great Chuck Schuldiner himself. My one complaint is that they are a bit high in the mix and it can be hard to get used to that. In conclusion, We Came Apocalyptic is a stellar hardcore act who should appeal to all fans of the genre. So check them out!

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