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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chaos in Paradise

Chaos in Paradise is a cool proggy symphonic metal band that shows some deviance from the normal generic symph metal that we are force fed. The song writing on this album is everything and it is absolutely stellar. They create excellent proggy pieces that are filled with killer guitar riffs.
I really like the death metal influence that a lot of the guitar parts seem to have, it adds an excellent brutality to the music. The bass work is also pretty solid and features some excellent fills in songs like Sanzu River where we get to see the true power of this bands bassist. His solid playing really helps drive the music ever forward and into a black abyss. Also the bass solo on the same track really shows off the songwriting skill that these guys have. The drumming is solid and has quite a few fun fills. There is a lot of energy in his playing and adds a lot of ferocity that you normally don't get in female fronted metal. The vocals are also pretty cool, the singer definitely has a very powerful voice and I like how she does the growls as well as the cleans. This puts her band apart from the generic Epica brand of symphonic metal. Really, this band does a good job of bucking a lot of the boring female fronted metal band trends that make the genre so reviled by trve metalheads. They take all of the decadence and formulaic qualities away and instead put forward some very lively and interesting music. So, this band is a must listen for anyone who thinks symph metal and female fronted metal is dead, go check them out!

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