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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Falling For Vanity

Falling for Vanity is a very interesting hard rock band with a sound that combines a lot of elements, yet somehow manages to come out as a cohesive whole. Their music has a kind of manic energy to it that is very tasty. The guitar riffing is heavy and fast and the brutal riffs really get me going. I particularly like the combination of glam and goth that we see on a lot of the tracks. Its a very interesting mix that makes me hunger for more of both genres. Then we have the bass playing, with solid riffs the bassist really adds a lot of power to the sound. He especially shines on the more Nu-Metal bits which feature some of the best moments of brutality on the album. The drum playing here is also rather good. There are a lot of rock and roll fills that add a bit of an old school feel to the music. At the same time, some of his playing adds a major energy boost to the overall songs. The singing is viciously powerful. From deep growls to heavy shrieks this vocalist can do it all. His voice is fascinating and it really mixes a lot of cool elements into the music. In conclusion, Falling for Vanity is a really fun band that combines some great elements for a stellar sound. So check them out!

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