Chuck Schuldiner Project

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Post Music cover art
TRUCK!!! is a instruMENTAL prog band with cool rhythms and stellar playing. Their new album Post Music is a fascinating depiction of their sound. They have a very powerful sounding mix and the playing really sticks in your head. The guitar work is rather heavy and doesn't really feature any of the jazz flashiness that many modern instrumental records show. However the rhythms to be found are really cool and very tasty. Then we have the bass work, with very heavy and solid riffs the bassist is a lead instrument in its' own right. It really dominate the heavier parts of songs and has an interesting place in the mix. Finally, the drums are very solid and have a lot of crashing attacks throughout the music. The drummer shows that he really knows what he's doing but also manages to make his playing hectic. This band is interesting because even though the musicians are all highly skilled and capable of amazing things they still have a garage feel. Its a really interesting balance and makes me want to hear more bands like this one. So go check out TRUCK!!! their sound is truly brilliant.