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Friday, August 24, 2012

Transcend is an awesome new prog band band in the vein of Dream Theater but with more of an influence on the instrumental passages. The vocals are only a small part of the epic compositions that make up Transcend's music. The guitar parts are brilliantly composed, with a combination of a heavier side that reminds me of BTBAM with some more acoustic music we get to see a little bit of everything from these guys. The songs seem to flow together nicely and the guitars are a big reason for this flow. I would also like o point out that the solos on this record are spectacular. They have a Petrucci like brilliance to them that is hard to forget. The bass work on this record is rather solid and features some cool fills especially on the acoustic track Love Song. His parts prove him to be capable and very technical, it adds a lot of flavor to the compositions. The keyboard work can be atmospheric or melodic. My favorite keyboard part is the impossibly sad solo during Love Song, it shows the compositional genius of this keyboardist. Finally we have the vocals, with a powerful and beautiful voice that reminds me very much of Russel Allen and James LaBrie. This singer takes you soaring away on a journey filled with moving lyrics and wonderful emotions. You guys MUST check out Transcend, they will blow your mind.

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