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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Outta Peak
Outta Peak is a cool modern pop rock band with some rather nifty riffs that show off a band that has something more than first meets the eye. There is a really unique vibe here, this band has a bit more of an edge than your generic easycore garbage. The guitar work is rather hectic and there is a straight up garage feel that fits nicely in with the pop punk of the music. Its interesting that this band can at once sound polished and gritty. I find this to be an interesting, if bizarre balance that actually really works. The bass playing is heavy and has a lot of really solid fills. In some ways its place in the arrangement reminds me a lot of that of The Smashing Pumpkins bass arrangements. The drumming is powerful and wild, even though the playing is accurate his attack has a certain straight from the garage feel to it that makes you want to keep listening. I really like how it is arranged in the songs. The vocals are sometimes in Italian, and other times in English. I find that the Italian lyrics help make this band sound a bit more exotic and more unique, I would recommend them to keep releasing tracks in their native tongue. In conclusion Outta Peak is a pretty unique pop punk band that manages to stay relevant in an overcrowded genre. Go check them out!

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