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Saturday, August 18, 2012


Thenn is a nifty crust black metal band that captures all of the raw brutality and poor production quality of the old black metal greats like Varg and Euronymous. The Thenn sound is very bleak, dark, and overall unholy. Listening to this band is like getting a slab of Satan poured into your unwilling ears. It's actually kind of horrifying. The guitar has a raw droning quality to it that shows that this is trve black metal and very, very kvlt. While the playing is simplistic it definitely does a good job of putting the bleak lyrics to music. They capture the lyrics essence in their sound. The song Threshing the Golden Fields is a great example of that. The bass work on this record is very solid and it has a very black metal rapidity to it. The drum work is overall very simple, but the crashing of the cymbals adds a layer of chaos to the music. I really like when the playing gets a bit more rapid and the double bass drum comes out and blares away. The raw speed to be found in songs like Abscesses of Light is pretty impressive. Finally, the growls are very black and have an evil to them that can be very difficult to match. They remind me distinctly of Varg's singing in his earlier Burzum work. In conclusion Thenn is an awesome black metal band and they are one of the few acts with enough raw evil to truly shine in the modern black metal scene.

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