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Monday, September 17, 2012

2nd Side Made

2nd Side Made
2nd Side Made is an interesting rock band that features crunchy riffs and lots of fun choruses. As a plain and simple rock band this band could sort of be marketed as a more creative and less boring version of Nickelback. In essence they take all of the good elements of post grunge (a hard rock sound, fairly simple riffs) and spice it up with *gasp* good songwriting and *gasp* actually good singing! This band figures out post grunge and does it right. Rather than the weird 'yarl' that makes bands like Creed so reviled 2nd Side Made's vocalist manages to get gritty vocals that sound good, even if they aren't all that technical or evil sounding. This is a band that uses a variety of riffs that still seem to allow for a simple song structure. There is nothing over your head here, everything can be understood at ground level. This band has appeal, a solid sound that is not boring or bland, and even some true rock and roll rebellion. So, please, check this band out! (Especially you Nickelback)

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