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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Burn Everything-Hollow Victory

Burn Everything's new EP Hollow Victory is a slab of solid hard/mathcore with a sound that is above and beyond what the modern djent groups usually put out. With a sound that is truly out there and reminiscent of metal lords like Meshuggah  Burn Everything will melt your face and toss you into the garbage.

The guitar parts are complex and feature all sorts of weird rhythms . I particularly like the use of squeals to add a bit of a classic Wylde feel to the music. It helps make things seem less tight and a bit more fun. Overall though the arrangements are very tight and hard to grasp. This is an album that requires multiple listens to "get".

The bass work is very fast and really has some cool hectic riffs that add a lot of flavor to the music. The heaviness of the bass adds a lot to the hardcore feel of the band. Meanwhile the drums are fast and destructive. They have incredibly  djenty rhythms that are beyond the grasp of many modern prog guys. However, they also have an out of control and fun feel to them that is hard to put into words.

Finally the growls are brutal and filled with an anger that is hard to match. They have the true hardcore hatred that makes the genre so cool. It adds a lot of aggression to the band and makes it a lot more violent than your standard djent act. Naturally, I think this is pretty awesome!

In conclusion this EP is one of the most interesting things to hit the heavy prog scene this year. It goes back to the roots of djent and helps to make things evil and brutal again. Gone are the symphonic layers of fluff. This is simple and pure mathcore. Go check it out!

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