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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Seraph in Travail

Seraph in Travail
Seraph in Travail is a pretty cool symphonic death metal band from my favorite US city. (Yes I grew up near Philly people, get over it) They manage to have a very solid death metal sound yet are not afraid to include some black metal elements. Their riffs are complex, their songs anthemic and they are just overall destructive. This band is true symph death at it's finest. The guitar work is very heavy and features some really nifty almost techdeath type riffs.It always fits in nicely with the compositions and when allowed to dominate, truly gets your head banging. Meanwhile the bass work is very heavy and really helps to make the songs more brutal. In particular the rapid bass on the outro of Asystole is very well executed. The drums are perfectly executed and really help get an epic feel going. I particularly like the stellar playing in the track Tsunami Lullaby. It really sets the mood for the music. Meanwhile the growls are evil and feature a certain black metallness to them. However there are also some really awesome clean vocals that help make the songs more poignant. They find a perfect balance that is far from pathetic metalcore acts. In conclusion, Seraph in Travail is a wonderfully brutal and powerful symph metal band who you NEED to check out!

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