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Sunday, September 2, 2012

After Years of Hope

After Years of Hope
After Years of Hope is a cool young metal band with a big future ahead of them. With traditional American metalcore elements mixed in with some cooler new thrash stuff these guys have a very solid sound and they know what they want to do with it. They are leading a charge and could very well become the new metalcore gods. The guitar parts are filled with tasty thrash metal riffs and some really cool solos. In particular the solo on Crimson Sleep is excellent. It adds a lot of flavor to the song. Meanwhile the bass riffs are heavy and help bring the sound down. Still I feel like this band could be heavier and really emphasize their thrash metal side. The drumming is pretty solid and is very much in the metalcore style. There are lots of crashing cymbals and blast beats. I feel like with a bit more aggression this drummer could nicely combine thrash and -core and really help develop his bands sound. Finally the growls are rather high but powerful nonetheless. They have a lot of anger in them and really push the songs forward. In conclusion, After Years of Hope is a new metalcore force and I sincerely hope that you check them out!

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