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Sunday, September 2, 2012


Strychnia is a tight modern thrash metal band that incorporates some cool tech death influences. This is another band in the new wave of groups that seem to emulate Revocation and Fleshgod Apocalypse in being technical but not djent, and I must say, I really like this movement. The playing on this album is stellar and there are some really brilliant solos. They add a lot to the music and provide from the oh so metal riffing. The raw energy in the guitarists' playing is really cool and it shows how much fun they are having. The bass work is remarkably heavy and there are some nice bass fills. It really keeps the band steady and helps protect the rhythm section from collapsing with the hectic drum attack. I really find the drums here to be absolutely stellar. Even if the lines are rather simple they have a raw energy and viciousness to them that forces you to keep listening. I really like how solid the playing is and I feel that it creates a great basis for the band. The growls are brutal but pretty straightforward. They are more or less typical of this new genre of tech thrash. I like them, but they do not break new ground. In conclusion Strychnia are some of the leaders in the next big genre, and I believe very strongly that they can make it to the top!

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