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Monday, September 3, 2012


Antheria is a very cool symphonic power metal band who remind me of Nightwish, only with more shredding and a bit more grit. They have a sound that at once is it's own thing, but also rather fitting with the symphonic metal genre. The guitar work is very power metal with lots of cool galloping riffs. In addition the solos are simply fantastic and have a lot of the shredding might that makes the guys in Hammerfall so cool. The bass work is pretty solid and really helps some of the more complex symph metal rhythms. I feel like this band could be a tad heavier though and I think more bass could help fill out their sound. The drumming is solid and I really like the tight but energetic double bass barrage that is sometimes let loose. Also, the drum build up under the aria in The Sanatorium is just magic, it builds the music up perfectly to let loose in the epic guitar vs keyboard solo. Speaking of the keyboards, the playing on this album is great. Typically the keys are rather symphonic and have a lot of cool atmospheric bits. However there are some really pretty keyboard melodies, namely on the intro to Money! Glory as well as the solo on The Sanatorium. The vocals are beautiful and have a lot of the classical training that makes singers like Simone Simons so good. They have a very airy quality to them which makes the music rather dreamy at times. Overall, Antheria is an awesome symphonic power metal band with a lot of potential, go check them out!

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