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Monday, September 3, 2012


DEfacEd is a pretty cool modern instrumental thrash act from France. Their sound communicates the raw thrash brutality that makes this music so good but manages to do it without a singer. The guitar parts feature a lot of chuggy Megadeth style riffs, that sound simple on the outside but actually feature some pretty cool sounds. However at times this can get a tad bland and I do feel like the band could have some more solos. It's not like their current solos suck! In fact, they are very well executed and really make the album for me. The bass playing is pretty solid and really helps make the sound a lot more brutal. In addition it gets its own shining moments during some of the more classically tinged acoustic parts. The drumming is also rather solid and there are some cool blast beats that add a lot of thrash metal energy to the riffs. In particular the drum attack on Gathering Storm is really cool and gets a lot of energy out of those snare drum hits. Overall, DEfacEd provides a pretty interesting listen, with a lot of energy and a Testament level of technicality this band will not leave you bored!

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