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Sunday, September 9, 2012


Undercut is a really cool hard rock band that combines a more acoustic/proggier side with some true heavy metal. It provides an interesting dichotomy and adds some taste to your typical NWOBHM style band. The guitar parts are powerful and feature a lot of cool and very energetic riffs. Meanwhile the solos have a lot  of the magic that makes the guys in Iron Maiden so cool. The bass work is solid and features some cool fills. In particular the riff on Back To Infernum features some cool bass stuff. It's place in the mix means that the music stays pretty heavy and keeps you headbanging. The drumming is steady and could do with a few more fills. As is it gets the job done but it could do more. It's just a place for the band to grow is all. The singer has a lot of confidence, and while his voice may not be totally perfect like Dio or Halford he sure can belt it. He sings with a lot of passion that overcomes everything else. He even gets a really good power metal sing a long feel on a lot of tracks. All in all Undercut is pretty awesome and enjoyable for any fan of classic or power metal.

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