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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Diztord Wish You Were Here

Diztord is back with their unique Devin Townsend-like symphonic epic brutal death metal that is almost impossible to wrap your head around. Their latest release Wish You Were Here seems to have a bit more of a pop side to it. Yet it fits in nicely into the music and is very clearly not poser-core. Instead the arrangements are perfect and show a lot of songwriting maturity. Meanwhile, the growls are brutal as ever and add a true death metal feel to the music. While this track might be a bit different than what we have come to expect from Diztord it is still very epic. I especially like how this band can make an under 5 minute song sound like 15 minute ballad. Their is an incredible compositional skill going on here. Overall this new Diztord track is a lot of fun and will get your head banging. Go check it out!

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