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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Calamity Islet

Calamity Islet is a new thrash metal band with a more atmospheric side that shows just what these guys are capable of. More than your typical modern thrashy techdeath there is an interesting clean vocalled side, that is not at all reminiscent of metalcore acts. The guitar parts are filled with exciting riffs that a lot of the intensity that makes bands like Revocation so cool. Meanwhile the solos are moody and well thought out, they are very well executed. The bass lines are heavy and really well executed on songs like Crest of Humanity which show a true brutality and might that is hard to ignore. The solid attack that the bass presents is very addictive and shows how cool this band really is. It adds a lot of meat to the overall sound and I am very grateful for that. The drumming is solid, if a bit repetitive at times, but hey, its thrash metal, what do you expect? Otherwise some of the fills are really cool and they really let the drummer let loose. He plays with all of the energy and might of a titan. The singing is a mix of growls and cleans. Yet the cleans are not at all in the style of modern metalcore bands like Devil Wears Prada, instead they are epic sounding and very powerful. They have a chanting quality that is almost reminiscent of Ensiferum. Meanwhile, the growling is powerful and provides a nice contrast to the cleans. All in all Calamity Islet is an interesting modern thrash band with a unique side that makes them stand out from the pack! Check them out!

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