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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Death Letters

Death Letters is an awesome new melodeath project from Mexico who I hope to see in a few months when they come to France. Their music is brutal and filled with a lot of black metal aggression. the riffs are powerful and feature a lot of cool almost rolling rhythms. However there are some very melodic and well put together solos that really compliment the music. In the meantime the bass has a very dynamic role in the music and really helps to make things a lot more interesting than in your standard melodeath band. It adds a really interesting bottom end that helps fill out the sound. The drumming is very solid and features a lot of cool double bass rhythms. However there are also some cool rhythm bits too, like at the intro of Welcome to Xibalba. Finally, the vocals have a certain black metal quality to them that makes them very interesting. They add a lot of aggression and evil to the sound, I really like the feel that they add. In conclusion, Death Letters is a killer act and they will melt your face off. Go check them out!

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  1. good band !!! great sound, those guys are really down to earth, i personally enjoyed the new material, and i always tought of the vocal to sound like nathan explosion from metalocalypse, and yeah the kickdrum is insane, congratulations!!!!