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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summers End Comp tracklist announced!

So today I have decided to release the Summers End Tracklist! Remember, all proceeds from this compilation go directly to charity so when it does come out (Friday night GMT) remember that the money goes to the poor. The charity we are using isHeifer together metalheads CAN change the world!

When I upload all of the songs to Bandcamp things get interesting. The album will be a free download if you want. However if you pay all proceeds will go to the charity Heifer International. My goal is to make $5000 and use that to buy an ark. (Which is like the grand prize pack for poor people in africa)

This is the first of many compilations I hope to release. If your band is interested contact me at

Tracklist is below
  1. Coma Vigil-Cypecore

  2. Only Red Mist Descends-Karnak Seti

  3. Ounen Nefer-Unseelie

  4. Come Whatever Storm-Bloodmoon

  5. Truth-In a Nutshell

  6. Of Genius and Madmen-Towards End Rapture

  7. Beloth-Zombie Fighter

  8. Daybreak-Morningless

  9. Sanzu River-Chaos in Paradise

  10. Teaching to Whisper-This Deafening Whisper

  11. Fleshless Goddess-Altar of Pain

  12. Seeds of Agony-Adrenaline

  13. Act of War-Exercium

  14. Satans Gift-Ancient Power

  15. Time to Fall-Head Takers

  16. Belzebuth and Jesus-L'Esprit Du Clan

  17. Patroller-Steeltrooper


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