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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Slavery is a modern band that emulates NWOBHM music but with more of a power metal edge. While they may not achieve the full glory of Maiden or Priest their stuff is still pretty awesome and is definitely worth listening too. The guitar parts feature a lot of cool parts that can even get thrashy at times. Overall their are a lot of really cool melody lines that add a lot of flavor. The music has a real power metal edge because of this. The bass lines are really heavy and have a Steve Harris feel at times. I like how they boom along and really give the music a solid and powerful feel. In particular the bass riff on "Collective Suicide Salvation" is very tasty. The drums feature some cool solid rhythms that have a lot of great fills. I really like how it adds a nice McBrain feel to some of the songs. It's never too fast but it has some aggression to it. Finally the vocals have a powerful backing to them and they really push the music to new heights on tracks like Lost Reality. The soaring voice of this bands singer is really magic. In conclusion Slavery is a really cool band and manage to combine some cool styles with a classic NWOBHM for something truly awesome.

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