Chuck Schuldiner Project

Monday, September 3, 2012

Narrow House
Narrow House is one of those bands that blows your mind, a band that has a powerful and twisted sound. A sound that is beautifully crafted, with quasi-perfect production, amazing lyrics  and stellar musicianship. These arrangements are incredible and can not be put in to so little space as I have today. But then the other shoe drops, these guys will never get signed. As incredible as Narrow Houses' blend of Ambient/Funeral/Doom/Black metal is music is still a business and not a charity. And as much as I want them to dominate (because they totally can) I doubt that will ever be the case. The guitar riffs are slow and crunching and filled with an excellent doom metal evil. The slowness of the riffs adds a lot to the meat of the songs. I really like the bass work too, there are some earthy lines that really concentrate the sound and make it a lot heavier and more enjoyable. Also, the drumming is filled with incredibly slow lines that fill your heart with a creeping sense of dread. They have a very doomy quality to them to say the least. The keys and sax mostly provide atmosphere and help make up the crushing oblivion that is Narrow House's sound. I really like the melancholic keys on the second track. Finally, the vocals have an evil black metal quality to them that really rounds out the sound. The screams are unholy and evil and I truly enjoy them. In conclusion, Narrow House will blow your mind, this is one of the most kvlt bands in the world, now if only they could SOMEHOW become the legends they deserve to be!


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