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Monday, October 1, 2012

Infected Omnipotence

Infected Omnipotence is a brutal death metal band from The Dominican Republic who feature brutal riffs that will crush your skvll. Their music is ridiculously heavy and often can be compared to that of grindcore gods like Napalm Death. The guitars do a really good job of executing the ridiculously fast Cannibal Corpse styled riffs. They have a lot of energy to them though, and they really do get your head banging. Meanwhile the bass is incredibly fast and really gets the bottom end to a nice thickness. Although one might not always here the bass, let me assure you, that this band only sounds as colossal as they do because of his input. The drumming is fast and often features a lot of very hectic fills. He does a good job at not forcing the double bass down your throat (even if it is very common) his playing seems to have a bit more variety. Finally the growls are very guttural and feature an evil only really found in bands like Cannibal Corpse or maybe Carcass. You really need to go check this band out, their new EP will explode your ears!

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  1. Thanks a Million from the Dominican Republic!!!


    Infected Omnipotence