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Saturday, September 15, 2012


The End Is Only the Beginning cover art
WVM is an incredibly powerful and organic neo-pop artist with a sound that somehow reminds me of some of my favorite black metal acts. The music is dark and symphonic. Ambient and evil. There is an anthemic quality here too that really carries you off in the music. Their are some interesting beats that would not appeal to the average pop fan they have too much funk in them and show off some truly interesting songwriting. Powerful guitar attacks can add a lot of flavor to the music too. Often they put in an aggression that the synths can not achieve on their own. The vocals are dreamy yet have an edge to them. Somehow they stay grounded in reality when surrounded by these epic and powerful waves of synthesizers. WVM is one of the few electronic artists who truly interests me. His music somehow has all of the evil of black metal yet also the mainstream appeal of hip hop. It is hard to fully describe the dominating sounds he creates. Suffice to say you must check him out!

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