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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Terra Alive

Epiphany cover art

Terra Alive is an interesting progressive alt rock band. Their music is varied to say the least and features a lot of really cool lyrics and songs. This album is strangely beautiful and very much worth listening too. The guitar work is often not very complex technically, but it features some really interesting song structures that keep me in it. It adds a lot to the music and makes it hard to fully grasp. The bass work is rather psychedelic and features a lot of weird fills. They usually find some way to fit into the music but they retain an ethereal quality that is hard to really put into words. The drumming is solid but it has a nice loose jam band feel to it. It is an interesting juxtaposition to the complex song structures that dominate the music. The singing is mostly clean, but this band's singer is not afraid to go crazy into his mic and really just drive the music wild. He forces the music forward on his semi-capable vocal chords. Yet the fact that the singing is not the best adds a lot to the music. It makes everything seem more innocent and poignant. In conclusion, Terra Alive is a very interesting, unique band that is hard to truly wrap your head around. Check them out!

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