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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Welcome to Limerick

Welcome to Limerick is a very interesting and bizarre prog band that is hard to fully describe. Their music is complex and features a lot of really cool arrangements that are very tastefully put together. They take a lot of mathcore and experimental elements to create a distinctly unique sound. The guitar work is often jazzy but filled with a vicious punk energy. There are some really cool solos but they all hearken back to the mathcore gods. The bass work is solid and features some cool almost djenty rhythms. There is a lot of power added to the music too during the heavier bits. Also the bass vs guitar duel at the intro of My Skin Feels Tired is entirely too much fun. The drumming is solid and rather hectic, in the true mathcore style. It has a nice place in the mix and adds a lot of aggression to the songs. Meanwhile the clean vocals seem to be rather metalcore-like. They have a pretty straightforward feel to them. Meanwhile the growls are vicious and sound very hardcore. In conclusion Welcome to Limerick is a very cool and fun band that I think you'll really like!

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