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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

20 Foot Forehead

20 Foot Forehead is a straight up rock band with simple vocals that provide a nice topping to a very complex and well structured sound. They can at once have the simple aggression of modern rock and then have much more brutal attacks. the guitar parts are surprisingly complex. The guitarists seem to almost always be soloing underneath the vocals. It adds a lot of flavor to the music. Meanwhile the bass work is pretty solid and really shines on songs like Phobia. It really helps the heavier riffs stay powerful. Meanwhile the drumming is slow and almost sludgy at times. I really like the way it fits into the music. The vocals start off sounding rather plain and bleh, but there is a certain aggression that this bands' lead singer can take on and then he charges forward and brutalizes your ears in a storm of rock and roll energy. I really like it. In conclusion, 20 Foot Forehead is a very cool and very tasty rock band that is worth checking out!

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