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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Southerland Nights
Southerland Nights is a nifty hard rock band with a lot of originality as well as very mainstream side that can attract fans from a variety of genres. Their music is often very much in the punk rock or even heavy pop punk vein. The sound is very polished and really creates a nice vibe that contrasts the heaviness of the sound very well. The guitar riffs are usually pretty simple and feature a lot of really cool licks. They really help create a full sound that will appeal to many the pop fan as well as many fans of heavier music. The bass playing is one of my favorite parts about this bands music. It adds a lot of flavor and features a lot of cool riffs. Meanwhile the drumming is pretty straightforward and often gets locked into a pop vibe. This is another thing that really helps get this band open to more mainstream music fans. Finally the vocals are pure pop punk. They have all of the energy and vibe that make the genre cool though. They are very well executed and help open up the fanbase. In conclusion, Southerland Nights is a cool band that can appeal at once to a metal head as well as your average music fan. Go check them out!

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