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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


ASIDEFROMADAY is remarkably cool despite a name that might suggest otherwise. They are a really interesting sludgy post metal band that create a unique sound that blows me away. The sheer brutality and anger of the riffs is just great. The guitar playing features a lot of alt picked power chords that are contrasted with explosive ostinatos. The overall arrangements are just perfect and the guitar leads the charge. The bass is heavy and really dominates on some of the more crushing riffs. It helps to fill out the bands sound and makes everything even more sludgy and powerful. The drumming is simply stratospheric. I really like the way the rhythms are set up, they seem otherworldly and hard to grasp. Finally, the vocals are tortured twisted growls rested out of the singers body piece by bloody piece. It is such a perfect cap to the music and it is a cornerstone to the sound. It makes the music fantastic and evil and pulls you into their universe. In conclusion, ASIDEFROMADAY is a powerful and mind-ripping band that you WILL enjoy. Go check them out!

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